Getting cash to frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

The NHS is not the only organisation that has to go into overdrive during this COVID-19 pandemic. Demand for social care services has never been greater. All organisations that care for vulnerable people in our society are at peak capacity at the moment including charities, care homes and other volunteer organisations.

At the same time, delivering those services has never been harder. Finding enough frontline workers is hard enough but making sure they can work effectively, while remaining safe, has also become more difficult.

Cash is no longer king

One specific problem is getting cash to frontline workers so they can buy what they need to do their job or help people who are destitute. Shops no longer encourage cash and even if they did, your offices where cash is normally distributed may be closed.

Prepaid Cards are helping frontline workers

To assist all organisations that help the vulnerable people in our society get through this COVID-19 crisis, we have made a solution available to solve these problems. It works like this:

  • For all frontline workers, we provide prepaid Mastercards, which are issued free of charge and have no hidden insurance or top-up fees or transaction charges
  • Funds can be instantly made available to any frontline worker using our mobile app or online portal to top-up their prepaid card. Frontline workers are then able to use the prepaid card to make approved purchases

Complete control and visibility

Yordex also makes accounting for each and every transaction super simple for all involved.

  • Once a transaction has been made, simply taking a picture of the receipt via our mobile app to make accounting simple and easy
  • All transactions made by card holders are instantly visible in our app
  • Individual card balances can be instantly topped-down if necessary to ensure any excess funds are completely controlled
  • Administrators can generate reports or and synchronise all payments with your accounting system or other central systems for easy reporting

Yordex helps you keep your organisation going by getting cash to your frontline workers quickly while improving the control and visibility over what the money is spent on.

Supported by leading Charity NACCOM

Hazel Williams, National Director at NACCOM describes it like this “During these difficult times, many NACCOM members need alternatives to cash payments to support people who are destitute. Our partnership with Yordex has been vital to keep the money flowing to people who need it most. Yordex provides us with a solution that is cost effective, easy to use for our members’ frontline workers while providing the control and accountability we need.

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