Watch Yordex smart spend management presented in a nutshell at the NewFinance FinTech Open Mic Night

Yordex well received by audience of FinTech peers…

Yordex CEO and Founder, Erik De Kroon, was well received when he presented Yordex at a networking event of FinTech peers. The presentation at the NewFinance FinTech Open Mic night on 24 October gives an excellent overview of what Yordex does and how it helps define a new class of smart spend management software.

NewFinance, The Finance and Technology Business Network, is a global business network of over 15,000 Professionals actively involved in advancing financial services through innovations in technology. Members include the full spectrum of the industry from entrepreneurs to enterprises, technologists, investors, service providers, academics, students, and government departments and agencies to name but a few.

At one level NewFinance is a hub for companies looking to develop relationships with FinTech businesses that may offer products and services that are complementary to their own portfolios.

… but not just for finance and technology industry insiders

However, NewFinance events are not just for FinTech insiders. The events also provide progressive organisations that are in the market for financial products and services an excellent way to see how things are developing out there in the FinTech world and gain an insight into what’s coming next.

Traditional banking models and conventional transactional methods are seen by many as tired and outmoded. This was one of the drivers behind the arrival of the era of Open Banking in January 2018. Open Banking, an initiative driven by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) for improving competition and services in the banking sector for retail and small business customers, sparked a change in mindset for some.

It was an opportunity for disruptors to shake up the way financial processes get done, and not just for retail and small businesses. Yordex is a great example of this. We enable fast growing and SME scale organisations to benefit from an easier, more flexible approach to financial management processes that reduce cost and cut red tape.

Take the smart approach to spend management with Yordex

On the financial services side Yordex offers cards and bank accounts to enable businesses to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of managing transactions.

For financial management purposes Yordex is a SaaS solution that provides complete visibility of all liabilities across all areas of expenditure in real time. There’s no need to wait for 6 – 10 days after month end to see where you are with your outgoings. You can better manage cash flow and make better use of surplus cash while keeping enough on hand to meet liabilities.

Working alongside your accounting system as part of your FinTech stack, Yordex enables employees that need to participate in spend management, but that are not authorised or trained to use the accounting system, to carry out the financial tasks that are relevant to them.

With centralised data and reporting across expenses, suppliers, invoices, subscriptions, approvals, budgets, payments, forecasts, teams and cards you have the intelligence to manage finance more efficiently and effectively.

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