Your payments, your way

We help businesses optimize outgoing payments.

We allow B2B platforms and businesses with high-volume payouts gain over 30% margin on outgoing payments by connecting them to the optimal payment providers and by automating payments end-to-end.

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The lowest cost way to make payments

Working with an embedded payment orchestrator like Yordex minimizes fees and integration effort while maximizing rebates

We help businesses find and connect to the right embedded payments partners in every country. Our value-added software and services allow our customers to launch fast and fully automate the payments processes.

Find the right payments partners

Integrate in weeks. A single integration allows you to use a range of best-in-class banking partners globally.

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Automate affiliate payouts and digital marketing spend made on card.

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Business software

Automate payments for your customers while earning card rebates

  • Employee relocation service providers
  • Payroll software and service providers
  • Spend management providers
  • Accounts payable software providers
  • Treasury software providers
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Social sector

Ensure money goes to where it’s needed faster with greater transparency.

  • Nonprofits
  • Care sector
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Mass Payments

Lower the cost of mass payments

  • Music & streaming royalties
  • Gig-economy
  • Marketplaces
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Our benefits

Automating payments has many benefits.

Automate payments

Automate your expenses,
supplier payments and reconciliations.

Lower your costs

Improve payments fees and rebates by over 30% through lowest cost routing

Roll out globally

Connect to a global network of embedded payments providers

Reduce integration effort

Reduce integration effort by 70% by using our value-added software and services.

Yordex makes embedding payments more profitable

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Embed your own payments

  • You are limited to few embedded payments providers that are not always the most cost effective for your specific countries, volumes and needs
  • It takes 6 - 12 months to implement a embedded banking integration
  • A dedicated payments team is required to run the service incl. compliance, support and software dev

Manage payments with Yordex

  • Optimal payments partners in every country
  • Fast implementation and global roll-out
  • Always benefit from the best rates and features
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Why choose Yordex?

We use a range of embedded payments partners to give you global coverage.

With Yordex you can:

  • Integrate once while using different banking partners
  • Rapidly roll-out internationally
  • Always benefit from the best features and rates available on the market
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Adapts to your process

All businesses are different. Our flexible workflow engine means we seamlessly fit into your process

Yordex will help you:

  • Optimize your payments process 
  • Seamlessly integrate payments with your existing systems
  • Automatically reconcile payments with orders
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Cards included

Paying on card reduces overheads and allows you to earn rebates

Cards will allow you:

  • Reduce overhead managing suppliers and beneficiaries
  • Earn card interchange revenue
  • Offer your users a better payment experience
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We work for you

We are your payments team and help you select the right partners, workflows and compliance processes.

Partnering with Yordex will allow you to:

  • Save costs and speed up time-to-market
  • Avoid having to build your own payments team
  • Ensure your payments processes meet regulatory requirements
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Take control over your payments today!

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Want to know how much you can save on your global payouts?

We will analyze the optimal mix of payments partners for you and estimate how much you can save. This analysis free of charge and with no commitment.

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The Yordex team in the office

Who we are

A team of ex-Worldpay experts created Yordex to address inefficiency and lost opportunities when managing large volumes of payments.

The founders have many years of experience building flexible and easy-to-integrate payment platforms. They understand your challenges which is why the software is easy to implement and use.

Yordex partners with the world’s leading banks to offer a global service.

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Start owning your payments!

To learn more about how Yordex can benefit your organisation, book a free consultation.

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