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Power your payments with Yordex no-code payments platform.

Card issuing and bank account payments for organisations where employees, beneficiaries or customers make hundreds or thousands of payments a month.

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Integrate payments with ease

From corporates and platforms to government agencies and nonprofits, we help organisations across numerous industries streamline their payments in weeks.

Cash disbursements

Pay benefits directly onto Yordex cards linked to the app.

Our adaptable card rules help limit where money can be spent, while the Yordex app keeps track of expenditures.

Currently used by:

  • Non-profits
  • Governments
  • Universities
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Supplier payments

Reduce time spent processing large volumes of supplier payments.

Automate the entire process from PO to invoice matching to paying suppliers. Receive just one statement a month instead of hundreds of invoices.

Currently used by:

  • Tech companies
  • Online retailers
  • Procurement platforms
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Decentralised payments

Go cashless and track on-site spending across multiple locations.

Yordex bank accounts and spend tracking help you gain better control over on-site spending.

Currently used by:

  • Care sector groups
  • Hospitality groups
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Whitelabel services

For businesses that want to launch their own card, expenses or payouts programme.

Using a turnkey solution from Yordex, launch services that open up new revenue streams, expand your product capabilities and offer exceptional user experience.

Currently used by:

  • Employee benefits platforms
  • Merchant acquirers
  • FinTech businesses
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Our benefits

Bringing payments in-house has many benefits.

Track spending

Approving your own payments means greater visibility and control.

Reduce admin overheads

Save time and money on making payments, collecting receipts and reconciling statements.

New revenue channels

Bringing payments in-house opens new revenue streams from card interchange.

Provide exceptional user experience

Seamlessly integrate payments with your existing processes in weeks.

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Why choose Yordex?

Embedding payments has many benefits but building your own apps, admin & support portal and compliance processes, takes months or years.

With Yordex you can:

  • Integrate cards or bank transfer payments in weeks
  • Save hundreds of thousands in development costs
  • Seamlessly integrate Yordex with your current platform and processes
  • Include apps, end-user support and compliance
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It’s different with Yordex end-user apps

With the Yordex app, you can view all spend in one place.

  • End-users can request spend
  • Managers or administrators can approve spend
  • Messaging feature allows communication with suppliers and employees in one place
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Admin, support and reporting

An admin portal that allows your finance team to maintain control over spend.

  • Rule-based spend control
  • Invoice and receipt collection and consolidation
  • Custom reports, accounting sync and billing
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Who we are

A team of ex-Worldpay experts created Yordex to address inefficiency and lost opportunities when managing large volumes of small payments.

The founders have deep knowledge and experience in building flexible and easy-to-integrate payment platforms. They understand your challenges which is why the software is easy to implement and use.

Yordex currently partners with industry leaders like Railsbank, Highnote and Codat to offer a global service.

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What our clients say

Logo University of Dundee

We chose Yordex because they were the only ones that could offer expenses and POs in one, easy-to-use system. We have been with them for over three years now. We have been very happy with their service and support.

Aaron Duncan,

Student services

Start owning your payments!

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