The Smart Spend Management Solution.

Manage company cards, expenses, invoices and budgets with smart approval rules, all in one place.

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Transform the way you manage, view and plan your spending with the modular smart spend management solution from Yordex.

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smart spend management

Smart Approval Rules

Smart Payments

Smart Workflow

Smart Matching

Smart Budgets

Build the perfect solution for your business


With our fully modular approach, Yordex adapts to fit your business needs as you grow. Get started with our smart company cards and expenses solution for free today!

Real-Time View

All spend is captured real-time for up-to-the-minute visibility.


Yordex Smart 

Company Cards

A complete company card 

for all employees

With Yordex pre-paid physical and virtual mastercards you have complete, real-time control and visibility of all spend.

Real-time view

All spend is captured real-time for up to the minute visibility.

Auto-match receipts

Yordex matches card transactions with receipts. Simply forward receipts and pics of receipts to your Yordex account and we’ll do the rest

Integrated with our smart expenses software

All card spend appears in the expenses panel. No data entry required.


Yordex Smart

Taking the pain out of expenses forever

Yordex is the easiest way for employees to submit expenses while providing budget owners and finance teams full visibility and real-time control.

Yordex does the chasing

Yordex chases any missing receipts or information until completed.

Mobile app receipt capture

Simply take a picture of the receipt using your mobile phone and our simple to use app.

Real-time visibility

See all expense transactions as they happen, real-time. Managers can view all team spend.


Simply and easily manage subscriptions

Instantly create unique virtual cards for safer use online when making one-off or recurring payments.

Instant creation

Create unique, secure virtual Mastercards with a pre-set maximum spend to manage subscription payments.


Extend or stop unwanted subscriptions by topping-up or stopping the virtual card.

Automate coding of expenditure

All spend is automatically coded to the correct account.



Yordex automates receiving, processing and paying invoices. From OCR scanning to Supplier Self-Matching, save up to 75% of the cost of processing invoices.

Yordex in-box

Invoices received into your Yordex in-box are digitally scanned, removing the need for paper-based invoices completely.


Scanned invoices are auto-matched with the relevant order.

Quote to invoice

Automatically convert quotes directly into a purchase order for approval.



Track how your business is performing


Yordex automates receiving, processing and paying invoices. From OCR scanning to Supplier Self-Matching, save up to 75% of the cost of processing invoices.

Optimise spending

Enable employees to make better spending decisions with real time access to committed vs budgeted spend.

Deep insights

Drill right down to the individual invoice, PO or recurring payment that’s causing a variance.

Budget owners

Delegate budget management to specific employees empowering them to view and manage their own budget.



Spend control that adapts to the way your company works


Yordex smart approval rules and workflows enables your business to automate the day-to-day and focus on what matters most, with just the right amount of control and visibility to optimise the way you work, wherever your employees are.

Smart terms

Yordex tracks the terms and approval process for every order type and every supplier including required documents, terms and even discounts.


Approvers will be alerted when actions are due. They will continue to receive reminders until the action is completed.

Approval workflow

Yordex automatically determines who needs to approve any order, expense or PO based on your own unique and fully customizable approval rules.


Making payments to suppliers error free


With Yordex you can manage the complete end-to-end process of spend management from managing how much to pay suppliers and when through to fully automating the payments to suppliers.

Reduce invoice fraud

Yordex fully automates payments to suppliers so only spend that is fully approved is paid on the due date.


Yordex automates payments from your Yordex master bank account without any further data entry.



Improve supplier payment terms and margins


Yordex supplier management allows you to optimise the way you manage supplier relationships, concentrate spend with preferred suppliers, achieve improved payment terms and avoid invoice fraud to reduce costs and improve margins.

Automate supplier on-boarding

Configurable supplier boarding forms to automate collection of required information.

Approval workflow

Automated supplier approval workflow to ensure the relevant checks and approvals are carried out for all suppliers.

Supplier portal

Give suppliers a real-time status of all orders and payments. Suppliers can manage all their own information.