Implement global payments in weeks

Our banking partner network and low-code platform allows any organisation to issue cards and automate bank account payments globally in weeks.


Automated global payments and card issuing.

  • Physical & virtual cards issuingIssue Mastercard or Visa cards to your employees or beneficiaries. It is possible to brand cards with your logo.
  • Google Pay & Apple PayInstantly disburse funds to beneficiaries or employees (available in the US only).
  • Local bank transfersAutomate payments with our masspay service. You can make ACH, SEPA and Faster Payments.
  • Cross border paymentsBenefit from low cost cross border payments offered in partnership with our cross border payments partner Ebury
Yordex virtual card
Cards management overview screen

Payments automation

Configurable payment flows that adjust to your business processes.

  • Customisable workflowsSupplier, freelancer, beneficiary and expense payments with a wide range of payment terms.
  • Payout managementHigh-volume payouts using masspay and bulk card management.
  • Supplier onboardingEnsure security and compliance when paying 1,000's of suppliers.
  • Spend and approval rulesControl how money is spent using our wide range of spend rules.

Admin and support

All the tools you need to operate payments at scale.

  • Auto-reconciliationAutomate reconciliation of payments with invoices and pay-ins.
  • ReportsCustomisable reports to track, analyse and export your spend.
  • End-user supportA comprehensive portal for your support teams.
  • Low-code integrationA range of integration options to find the right balance between time-to-market and automation.
Card rules overview screen
Yordex API example code


Don’t waste time on admin processes. Our comprehensive set of REST APIs allow you to automate your accounting activities.

Yordex is API-first. Everything our end-user apps and admin portal do is also available as an API. Our API documentation can be found here.

Start owning your payments!

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