Our mission

To improve the financial health of our customers, by empowering all employees to easily manage spend, with the maximum visibility and optimal automation.

The idea for Yordex was born from a simple question:

Why is spend management still so manual for most businesses? Why is it so hard to keep track of actual as well as planned spend?

“I believe the root cause is the way spend is communicated. Today, this happens through countless emails, documents and spreadsheets. Finance employees then process this data and enter it into their systems. This can be incredibly time consuming, but it’s also very after the fact which, leads to a lack of visibility and control.”
Erik de Kroon
CEO & Founder

Our difference

Rather than just tackling one part of a businesses spend, we’ve developed a holistic approach so that no matter what role you have in the company, you have the tools necessary to manage spend.

  • Manage all spend all in one place
  • Plan for the Future
  • Work to your rules

Our customers

Our solution is ideally suited to growing businesses with 25+ employees where managers need the right tools to control spend, that don’t come with the hefty price tag or long implementation times typically associated with traditional ERP or accounting solutions.



Is Yordex right for your business?

Do you use a mixture of company and personal cards?

Do you have subscriptions for services like AWS, Xero, Zoom or Zendesk?

Do you have a significant level of digital spend? Marketing on Facebook or LinkedIn?

Find out how Yordex can help your business improve financial health today

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Our team

Erik de Kroon
CEO & Founder
Hardeep Nagi
CTO & Founder
Shruti Sharma
Front End Developer
Simon King
Head of Sales
Jeanette Burch
Sales Director
Rory Towler
Software Developer
Christian Page
Customer Success
Valery Maitre de Kroon
Finance & HR
Barry Russell
Sales Development
Inge Mutsaers
Customer Success
Jack Stafford
Business Development Associate
Fergus Coady-Booth
Sales Development
Karol Krzyzak
Software Developer
Wojtek Paczuła
Software Developer
Tomasz Olszewski
Software Developer
Krzysztof Raczyński
Software Developer
Mateusz Fudała
Software Developer

Our investors

Yordex is backed by leading specialist investor, Bloc Ventures. The combination of access to a highly experienced team and sound financial backing made for a winning combination and forms a key part of our strategy to succeed.

Based in London, Bloc works with early stage technology companies in the Big Data, Cloud, Security and Connectivity markets. In addition to financial investment Bloc brings a wealth of management experience in building, scaling and successfully exiting ventures.



“We know from direct experience from the start-ups we work with that they need as much help as possible reducing time spent keeping a handle on spending. Yordex provides ERP like functionality but in a much more user-friendly way and without the six-digit implementation fee. In fact, it works out of the box for first time users and functionality can be switched on as needed. Designed ground-up as a web-based API driven platform, it delights CTOs and CFOs alike.”
Andrew Griffin
CFO, Bloc Ventures and non-executive director, Yordex

Our culture

Great companies can only be built by a great team.

We are passionate about our product and we are always looking to hire smart, passionate people who are not afraid to change, challenge, ask questions, take risks and share our goal of improving the financial health of our customers.

At Yordex, we don’t believe in hierarchy. Everyone helps in everything and can pick the problems they want to solve. There’s little micro-management and you’ll get lots of guidance and support from your colleagues. We strongly believe that freedom and autonomy brings out the best in people.

“Working at Yordex is a gratifying challenge. Challenging because of the learning curve, the workload and scope of each role. Yet gratifying as my contribution is valued and Yordex gives its employees the freedom to approach their work in a way that suits them.”
Christian Page
Customer Success Manager

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