How universities can replace cash and manage costs during the Covid-19 pandemic

Universities are deeply impacted by Covid-19.  It starts with students and teaching. Universities are unique social places where students live together on campuses and spend most of their days together in lecture halls, university corridors, libraries and bars. They are… Read more

Getting cash to frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

The NHS is not the only organisation that has to go into overdrive during this COVID-19 pandemic. Demand for social care services has never been greater. All organisations that care for vulnerable people in our society are at peak capacity… Read more

Spend Management Best Practices for 2020

You can’t let everyone with a stake in spend management access the accounting system People outside of an organisation’s finance team simply are not allowed access to the accounting system. And for good reason. The sensitivity of the data and… Read more

Why the Invoice PDF Has Had Its Day

Business, Technology, Internet and network concept. Business man working on the tablet of the future, select on the virtual display: transformation When it comes to B2B businesses the invoice lies at the very heart of the payment process. Without one… Read more

What’s the Point of Invoices Anyway?

Digital technologies have impacted almost every aspect of business. Well, almost every aspect. The way companies and suppliers exchange orders and invoices still seems mostly still stuck in the pre-Internet days. Let’s take invoices as an example. They may sometimes… Read more