Choose a Smarter Company Card

Get better control over spend with dedicated cards for each employee, beneficiary or site

With Yordex pre-paid physical and virtual cards you have full control and visibility over all spend



Cash disbursements

Disburse cash instantaneously to beneficiaries and control what funds can be spent on

Petty cash

Eliminate petty cash by giving every site or department their own cards and bank accounts


Control over expenses while giving employees an easy way to pay and submit receipts.

Control spend

Spend control built around the way your business spends. Options include merchant blocking or whitelisting, velocity limits, pre-approvals and budgets per card

Physical, virtual and branded cards

A range of cards including physical cards, virtual cards and cards branded with your own logo

Tailored to your needs

We work with our customers to deliver a spend management solution that is tailored to the needs of your business.

Stay in control of spend when many people are spending

Prepaid cards

With Yordex prepaid physical Visa cards you have full control and visibility over all spend.

Virtual cards

Instantly create unique virtual cards for one-off or recurring online spend.

Bank accounts

Set up separate bank accounts to every site, beneficiary or department


Yordex will automatically chase card owners for receipts so you don’t have to


An employee-friendly PO approval process to keep your business moving


Invoice OCR scanning and invoice auto-matching to save up to 75% of the cost of processing invoices

Why do businesses love Yordex

The Yordex virtual cards empower our employees to manage their own spend within their budgets. The cards have been particularly useful in managing trials and subscriptions as we can restrict the amount that can be charged and cancel future payments instantly, saving us time and effort in having to claim back overcharged amounts.

Victoria Wiesener, CFO

At Belvoir, our estate agents make many small purchases for office expenses and on behalf of our landlords. Previously, we used petty cash and expense claims which was time consuming, hard to control and delays meant our agents could be left out-of-pocket. Using Yordex cards has streamlined this process entirely. Their cards give us full control and visibility over spend while taking away the need for any cash and reimbursements. We’ve found that the feature rich Yordex platform brings enterprise functionality into the hands of smaller businesses.

Sharanjit Gill, Director

Since introducing Yordex we’ve managed to reduce our total spend on expenses by 50% by increasing visibility and accountability with employees.

Adam Goodwin, Group Financial Controller


Who are Yordex Smart Cards ideal for?
Yordex cards are for ideal for businesses, non-profits or government organisations or that have many expenses, use petty cash or disburse cash to beneficiaries.

When will I receive my Yordex cards?
Once we have completed application forms and the necessary compliance checks, it takes around 5 working days for your account to be activated. Physical cards take 5 working days from when requested.

What kind of cards do you offer?
We offer company prepaid cards in GBP, EUR or USD. We offer regular cards as well as “virtual” cards which can be used for online spend.

Why Yordex?
We work with our customers to deliver a spend management solution that is tailored to the needs of your business. This is particularly important for customers with more complex use cases such as cash disbursement, petty cash or POs and invoices.

Are there any commitments when I sign up?
Yordex offers a trial period that allows you to test the platform without any commitment. After that trial period we offer 12-month contracts with license fees based on the number of cards you use.

How much work is it to set Yordex up?
Yordex can be set up in days and does not require the involvement of your IT team. We will work with you for a period of months to fine tune the setup as you learn more about the system.


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