Making sure your money is well spent

Yordex helps charities go cashless.

Control what your money can be spent on and distribute funds instantly and at low cost using our smart prepaid cards and bank accounts.



Go cashless

Our prepaid cards offer the fastest, safest and most transparent way to distribute cash

Control how money is spent

Spend limits and merchant blocking allow you to control what money is spent on

Get full visibility and transparency

Detailed spend reports by user, region, spend category and merchant provide full visibility to you and your stakeholders

An all in one card and spend management solution for non-profits

Prepaid cards

Spend limits, merchant blocking and a low cost per card make it secure and economic to give cards to all beneficiaries or staff

Bank transfers

Not everything can be paid on card. Faster payments payouts allow beneficiaries or staff to also pay providers who don’t accept cards

Merchant blocking

Merchant and merchant category blacklisting and whitelisting allow you to make sure money is spent on what it was intended for

Spend limits and allowances

Spend limits, allowances and a mobile app give staff or beneficiaries a real-time view what they spent and how much is left

Just-in-time funding

Automated movement of funds means you only put in cash when needed minimising unused cash in the system

Receipt capture and reconciliation

Yordex will collect receipts, reconcile them with payments and book them in your accounting system where this is required

Great value with no hidden fees


Unlimited cards and accounts

We do not price per card which is ideal for charities with many employees, volunteers and beneficiaries

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Support for all types of spend

Disbursements to beneficiaries, accounts for grants, expenses for employees and volunteers and invoices for supplier all in one platform

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No hidden fees

Simple and transparent pricing

  • Free card replacements
  • Zero card & account top-up fees
  • Zero card insurance fees

All plans include

Integrated expenses management

Unlimited invoice and receipt matching

Free set-up and online support

Unlimited users




Why do charities love Yordex?

“The cards have worked really well, and helped us deliver over 1,000 shopping trips for older vulnerable people, self isolating or shielding, without networks.”

Denby Dale Centre, Paul Jones, Chief Officer


Who are Yordex cards ideal for?
Yordex cards are for ideal for UK based charities with many beneficiaries, local chapters or staff on the road where it can be hard to keep visibility over how money is spent.

When will I receive my Yordex cards?
Once we have completed application forms and the necessary compliance checks, it takes around 5 working days for your account to be activated. Physical cards take 5 working days from when requested.

What kind of cards do you offer?
We offer company prepaid cards in GBP and other currencies. We can also offer debit cards where required and as well as “virtual” cards for online purchases and subscriptions. On our premium plans, cards can be branded with your logo.

Why Yordex?
We work with many charities to deliver a solution that is tailored to the needs of their organisation. Your dedicated customer success manager will work with you to make sure you get maximum control and visibility over your spend.

Are there any sign up commitments?
Yordex offers a trial period that allows you to test the platform without any commitment. After that trial period we offer 12-month contracts with license fees based on the number of cards you use.

How much work is it to set Yordex up?
Yordex can be set up in days and does not require the involvement of your IT team. We will work with you for a period of months to fine tune the setup as you learn more about the system.


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