A platform which ensures your money is well spent

Easy-to-use software that gives visibility and control to organisations where many employees, sites or beneficiaries spend

  • Expenses
  • Online Spend
  • Recurring Spend
  • P-Cards
  • Cash Disbursements

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Spend management at scale

Yordex is the only spend management platform designed with the needs of larger organisations and accounts payable teams in mind.

Empower Employees but Control Spend

Control all employee spend

Empower employees to pay for their own purchases but implement a new way to control it

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Cards not just for expenses
Cards are no longer just for expenses. Use our GBP, USD or EUR cards also for online spend, recurring spend, petty cash or cash disbursements.
Out-of-pocket and Direct Debit too
Not everything can be paid on card. Control out-of-pocket spend, direct debit recurring spend and cash disbursement all from one place.
All following the same rules
Yordex will apply the same spend policy rules to all types of spend, no matter how it is paid for.

Cards Safe for Scale

Designed to manage 10s or 100s of users

Physical and virtual Visa cards that can be handed out at scale safe in the knowledge that they can only be used as intended

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Automated budget control
Auto top-ups and allowances ensure cards always stay within budget without requiring manual supervision.
Cards linked to POs
Cards can be linked to POs so only pre-approved purchases can be made on the card.
Merchant blocking
Cards can be locked down to one or a category of suppliers (whitelisting). Blacklisting categories is also possible.

All Teams and Entities Included

Control spend across your entire organisation

Yordex manages spend across your entire organisation in one place, irrespective of your structure

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Team accounts
Give every site, department or entity their own bank account so they can manage their own funds and cards.
Local config, central visibility
Apply different cost codes, currencies or approval rules by team or entity while maintaining central visibility.
GBP, EUR and USD cards
Issue cards in GBP, USD or EUR to your teams around the world.

A New Way to Control Recurring Spend

Ways to control any type of recurring spend

Keep track of all your recurring payments and ensure they never overrun and you never overpay

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Recurring spend
Ideal for online software, IT hosting, utilities, rent or any other regular recurring spend paid by card or direct debit
Variable spend
Ideal for spend limited by monthly budgets such as digital marketing, supplier call-offs, per diems or staff entertainment
Cash disbursement
Ideal for regular payouts to beneficiaries in the non-profit, higher education, government or employee benefit sectors

Spend Management as Communication

The natural way to manage spend at scale

Spend management is communication. Our platform was designed around spend communications with employees

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In-app messaging
You can have conversations directly next to the expense or order so all information is always in one place.
We keep reminding employees to complete their tasks. Notifications are configurable to suit every type of user
Mobile app
Our mobile app makes it easy for employees to complete their tasks such as approvals and receipt upload.

Never Chase a Receipt Again

Reduce the hidden cost of chasing receipts

Yordex helps reduce the cost of chasing and matching receipts and invoices by up to 75%

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Yordex does the chasing
Yordex chases employees for missing receipts. Personalised notifications ensure the right level of persistence.
Receipt-to-statement matching
Yordex uses smart rules to auto match receipts to payments and, where provided, POs.
OCR scanning
Yordex provides high-accuracy OCR scanning of receipts uploaded via our mobile app or emailed to your inbox.

Configured to Your Organisation and Processes

A spend solution that works for you

Not all spend is the same. We will work with you to deliver a solution that is configured to your needs.

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Configured to your process
Define your spend categories and implement the right process for each.
Configured to your spend policy
Tailor card rules, forms and approval rules to every spend category, cost code, department or legal entity.
Dedicated support
Our knowledgeable Customer Success team helps you implement the right solution for your organisation.

Manage Your Customers' Spend

White label options for service providers

A wide range of white label options for organisations that manage spend of beneficiaries, students, freelancers or employees of other organisations.

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Branded cards
Design your own cards to build a stronger relation with your external end-users.
Branded apps
Rebrand the Yordex web app and and launch it as your own mobile app in the Apple and Google app stores.
API integration
Automate management of users, cards, funds and statements using our card APIs.