A platform which ensures your money is well spent

Easy-to-use software that was designed for organisations where many employees, sites or beneficiaries spend.

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  • Expenses
  • Petty Cash
  • Disbursement
  • All Spend

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Build the perfect solution for your business

With our fully modular approach, Yordex adapts to fit your organisation’s needs. Get started today!

Yordex Smart Company Cards

The company card that was built for scale

Yordex prepaid physical and virtual visa cards make it easy to control spend across a large number of cards.


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Control at scale
Auto top ups, bulk card creation, merchant blocking and allowances make it easy to control spend for a large number of cards.
Any card you need
We offer physical or virtual cards, prepaid or debit cards, GBP, EUR or USD cards and branded cards.
Team accounts
Give every site or department their own bank account so they can manage their own funds and cards while you keep central visibility and control.

Yordex Smart Expenses

Taking the pain out of expenses forever

Yordex is the easiest way for employees to submit expenses while providing budget owners and finance teams full visibility and real-time control.


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Yordex does the chasing
Yordex chases any missing receipts or information until completed.
Mobile app receipt capture
Simply take a picture of the receipt using your mobile phone and our simple to use app.
Real-time visibility
See all expense transactions as they happen, real-time. Managers can view all team spend.

Smart Benefits Disbursement

Ensure money goes where it’s needed

The safest, fastest and lowest cost way to distribute money to beneficiaries.

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Safest way to disburse
Make sure beneficiaries can only spend money as intended using merchant blocking.
Fastest way to disburse
Funds are available to spend immediately. Use auto top ups, bulk top ups or our top up API to automate funds distribution.
Lowest cost way to disburse
Yordex offers the lowest cost cards on the market and distribution of funds is free.

Manage All Spend

Simply and easily manage all card spend

In our cashless society, more spend is made on cards. Make sure it is managed properly.
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Online spend
Instantly create unique virtual cards for safer use online when making one-off or recurring payments.
Create unique, secure virtual cards with a pre-set maximum spend to avoid subscriptions overrunning.
After an invoice has been approved., Yordex can automatically pay out by bank transfer on the payment due date.

Yordex Smart POs

The most employee friendly way to pre-approve all spend

Implement spend controls without the need for heavy handed processes or hard-to-use ERP software.


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Our user-friendly mobile app and web app make it easy for employees to raise POs and for managers to approve them
Flexible approval rules
Our flexible approvals rules and knowledgeable support team allow you to implement the right approval flows for each type of spend.
Consistent spend policy
Cards blur the lines between expenses and POs. With Yordex, your spend policy is consistently applied across all spend.

Invoices and Accounts Payable

Reduce the hidden cost of paying invoices

Yordex helps reduce the cost of invoice processing by up to 75% by better involving employees and suppliers in the process

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Invoice auto-matching
Yordex uses smart rules to auto match invoices with POs to help you save time.
Invoice approvals
Once matched, invoices will automatically be routed to the responsible employees for approvals.
Supplier self-service
Supplier boarding forms and supplier accounts allow suppliers to maintain their own information, self-match invoices and check payment status.

Tailored to Your Needs

A solution that is right for you

Not all spend is the same. We will work with you to deliver a solution that is tailored to your organisation.

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Configurable workflows
Build the right workflow for every different type of spend using our platform's wide range of building blocks.
Configurable spend policies
Enforce consistent spend policies are applied across all types of spend using our flexible card rules, approval workflows and forms.
Dedicated support
Our knowledgeable Customer Success team helps you implement the right solution and help you evolve the service over time as your usage grows.

White Label Options

Make our service your own

Brand our cards, web app and mobile app with your own logo and colours to better engage your audience

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Branded cards
Design your own cards to build a stronger relation with your employees or beneficiaries.
Branded apps
Rebrand the Yordex web app and and launch it as your own mobile app in the Apple and Google app stores.
API integration
Automate management of users, cards, funds and statements using our card APIs.