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Yordex Receipt Capture Software

Make receipt management super simple with Yordex smart receipt capture

Yordex integrates smart receipt capture and invoice scanning, enabling employees to more easily complete expense claims and frees your finance team to focus on higher value tasks.





Receipt capture software makes spend management so much easier

Just snap a picture or forward an email

Snap a picture, or forward an email and Yordex will automatically scan and upload it

Reduced data entry and less errors

Capture all expenses as they happen. Scanning receipts real time saves time and reduces data entry errors later.

HMRC Compliant

Yordex provides free data storage for up to 6 years for all scanned receipts and invoices.

Next-generation receipt management software and invoice
scanning software that integrates all company spend

Capture receipts on the go

Enjoy enhanced functionality with the Yordex mobile app to make receipt capture on the go super easy.

Unified procurement and card spending

Yordex brings expenses together with cards and procurement to unify all spending, tracking and data and management processes.

Reduce expenses

Yordex is proven to help reduce your total expenses – full visibility and accountability helps responsible company spending.

You set the spend limits

Physical and virtual, prepaid cards limit how much each employee spends, or the total amount spent with each supplier.

Easily monitor spend Vs. budget

Oversee all department spending at a glance, real-time to improve decision making and respond faster in times of rapid change.

Turns company policy into practice

Seamlessly applies your company policy into everyday practice, eliminating errors and improving productivity.

Great value with no hidden fees


Starts from just £1.75/card/month!

With plans for businesses of all sizes *

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Custom quotes for enterprise

Get a customised quote covering cards, expenses, invoice software, suppliers, approvals, budgets and payments

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No hidden fees

Simple and transparent pricing and save up to 67% on FOREX fees!


  • Free card replacements
  • Zero card & account top-up fees
  • Zero card insurance fees

All plans include

  • Unlimited expense management
  • Unlimited invoice and receipt matching
  • Free set-up and online support
  • Unlimited users




Why businesses love receipt capture software from Yordex

Being a fast growing company, it’s critical to know the numbers. Having the ability to see how my overall business spend is tracking takes the guesswork out of financial decision making. It’s an excellent solution.

Rory Mudie, Founder

“Since introducing Yordex we’ve managed to reduce our total spend on expenses by 50% simply by increasing visibility and accountability with employees.”

Adam Goodwin, Group Financial Controller

The ability to see how my overall business expenses are tracking day by day takes the guesswork out of financial decision making.

Conor Callanan, CEO


What is receipt capture software from Yordex?
Yordex offers a smart and fully modular platform for growing businesses to better manage all spend. Scanned paper and digital receipts and invoices can be quickly matched to purchase orders. Modules include company cards and fully integrated expenses software, with management of subscriptions, payments, budgets and pre-approvals.

Who benefits most from using Yordex Smart Cards plus receipt capture software?
Yordex cards are ideal for UK based businesses with 10+ employees with regular expenses spend on existing personal or company cards, where claiming expenses is an inefficient process. Yordex receipt capture software significantly reduces data entry for expenses claims.

When will I receive my Yordex cards?
Once we have completed application forms and the necessary compliance checks, it takes around 5 working days for your account to be activated. Physical cards take 5 working days from when requested. You can start using the receipt capture software right away.

What kind of business cards do you offer?
We offer company prepaid cards in GBP. We offer regular cards as well as “virtual” cards which are used for just one purchase or one subscription. All Yordex cards are compatible with our receipt capture functionality.

Are there any commitments when I sign up?
Unless you select a premium service plan with an annual payment discount, there is no fixed term contract. You can cancel your cards and receipt capture software at any time without penalty.


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