The smarter cards for growing businesses

It’s time to ditch the conventional approach to out of pocket expense management.

Yordex cards eliminate out of pocket expenses and the receipts paperchase while providing a better way of making sure spend stays within budget.



Eliminate cash expenses

Give executives and employees pre-paid cards and avoid the hassle of out of pocket T&E expense management.

Control and limit spend

Set spend limits for every card and reduce the risk of unapproved and over budget spending.

Track and report spend

Track and report spend across cards, POs and invoices against budgets all in one place.

A smarter all in one card and expense solution for smaller and growing businesses

Avoid card sharing

Let your team make business purchases without card sharing or time and labour intensive expense management.

Streamline and reduce spend

Streamlines expense and purchase order processing, and reduces company card spend by as much as 50%.

Control to support growth

Customised rules and approvals, with real time reporting support growth by giving tight control over how cash is spent.

Receipt and invoice matching

Auto-matches receipts uploaded by users with the Yordex mobile app to card statements, and accounts payable invoices to POs.

Works with your accounts

Yordex syncs with your company’s centralised accounting system to give oversight and cut financial admin by 60-70%.

Supports your brand

Flexible control of card spend through manual top-up, auto top-up rules, pre-approvals, spend against budget and receipt approvals.

Great value with no hidden fees


We don’t price per card!

With plans for companies of all sizes*

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Including cards, expenses, invoices, suppliers, approvals, budgets and payments

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No hidden fees

Simple and transparent pricing and save up to 67% on FOREX fees!

  • Free card replacements
  • Zero card & account top-up fees
  • Zero card insurance fees

All plans include

Integrated expenses management

Unlimited invoice and receipt matching

Free set-up and online support

Unlimited users




Why do SMEs, start-up and scale-up companies love Yordex?

“Since introducing Yordex we’ve managed to reduce our total spend on expenses by 50% by increasing visibility and accountability with employees.”

Adam Goodwin, Group Financial Controller, Hammerhead


Who are Yordex Smart Cards ideal for?
Yordex cards are for ideal for UK based companies with 10+ employees with regular expenses spend on existing personal or company cards where claiming expenses is an inefficient process.

When will I receive my Yordex cards?
Once we have completed application forms and the necessary compliance checks, it takes around 5 working days for your account to be activated. Physical cards take 5 working days from when requested.

What kind of cards do you offer?
We offer company prepaid cards in GBP. We offer regular cards as well as “virtual” cards which are used for just one purchase or one subscription.

Why Yordex?
Yordex offers a smart and fully modular platform for SMEs to better manage all spend. Modules include company cards and fully integrated expenses, invoices, subscriptions, payments, budgets and pre-approvals.

Are there any sign up commitments?
Unless you select a premium service plan with an annual payment discount, there is no fixed term contract. You can cancel your cards at any time without penalty.

Can I use my existing company cards with Yordex?
Yes, if you subscribe to one of our premium service plan options. Contact us and we will help you choosing the right plan.


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