Yordex included in new PYMNTS.com Workforce Spend Playbook

Market intelligence from the #1 site for the payments industry

Market intelligence is highly advantageous and that’s what PYMNTS.com sets out to provide for businesses and the payments industry. This powerful B2B platform is the #1 site for the payments industry by traffic and the premier source of information about “What’s Next” in payments and commerce.

PYMNTS.com has just published its new Workforce Spend Playbook. Without the strong financial buffers enjoyed by larger businesses, it is essential SMBs make every bit of cash count to ensure that funds do not get wasted. The new Workforce Spend Playbook highlights the newest solutions helping SMBs to more effectively manage capital and focus on their expansion ambitions.

Make Yordex part of your Workforce Spend Playbook

We are proud that PYMNTS.com has acknowledged our solution and sees that we may have a central role to play in helping SMBs to achieve greater efficiency by reducing costs, managing workforce spend and the back-office processing of the related transactional and accounting data.

If using cash as efficiently and effectively as you can is a central consideration for your business then the PYMNTS.com Workforce Spend Playbook is an essential piece of market intelligence that is highly likely to yield useful and actionable information.

To find out more about how Yordex can help your business manage capital and expand successfully click here to speak to one of our product specialists.